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Avionics Systems - Full edition
Avionics Systems has been developing advanced aviation systems since 1963. Our offer comprises a wide range of avionics equipment and systems as well as complete turnkey solutions for the upgrade of aircraft, both fixed and rotary wing, to new standards.
Remote Technologies in Air Traffic Management (ATM), using Remote Tower and RPAS - Subtitle
Remote technologies are expected to play a key role in tomorrow’s aviation. But the technologies are hear already today. For the first time ever, a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) is taking off and landing at a Remotely Operated Airport approved for operational used. In collaboration between Saab and the Swedish Air Navigation Service provider (LFV), this movie demonstrates Remotely Operated Tower together with an RPAS in simultaneous operation. The LFV remote tower at the Swedish airport Örnsköldsvik is the world’s first operational Remotely Operated Tower and is manufactured and delivered by Saab. The RPAS used in the demonstration is the Saab Skeldar Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) helicopter. Remote technologies provides cost-effective and flexible operations and allows you to Be where you want, Act where you’re needed!
AviGuide - Head-Up Display
New generation Head-Up Display for helicopters that allows an easy installation due to it compact on-axes solution. Increases the situational awareness and can be integrated with Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS).
Gripen at Farnborough 2014
In this short clip, Chief Wing Commander at Saab, Hans Einerth talks about what it's like to fly a Gripen, and what makes the next generation of the aircraft unique. He invites you to come visit Saab at the event, where him and his team will be there to give some guests the opportunity to fly a Gripen in a simulator and for the first time ever, unveil a full scale replica of Gripen NG.
we #loveboringmondays
Sometimes we all take the simple things in life, like our Monday morning routine, for granted. But when you think of it, a boring Monday morning could mean everything is as it should be. Normal. Secure. In today’s complex and turbulent world, Saab is constantly working to anticipate and respond - to keep you and your society safe. All week long. Our way of thinking protects your way of life. Featured in this film is Jakob, a Gripen pilot at Saab. For more information about how Saab and Jakob work to create a safer society visit
Gripen NG: a new generation is ready. Are you?
We are Gripen pilots. We make a difference – to the nations we represent, and to the people we protect. The world’s most advanced multi-role fighter just became the next generation of fighters. Our sensors, our weapons and our performance are superior. And with the world’s most advanced tactical link, we have the information advantage. We are Gripen pilots, and this is our story.
Saab at Defexpo 2012
The Saab Group intends to make India a “home market” by leveraging India’s manufacturing strengths for exports to world markets. At Defexpo India 2012, we will showcase our cutting-edge solutions for India across land, air, naval, civil security, commercial aeronautics and para military domains. We would be delighted to meet you at the event.
Wing Commander Jackkrit Thammavichai talks about the Gripen fighter - Thai version
Royal Thai Air Force wing Commander Jackkrit "J-Knight" Thammavichai talks about the Gripen fighter
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