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Interview with Jenny Ström, commanding officer 3rd Naval Warefare Flotilla, after receiving Visby-class corvettes after KVIST-upgrade.
Mid-Life Upgrade HMS Gävle 2022
The Gävle-class Corvette HMS Gävle with enhanced capabilities after an extensive Mid-Life Upgrade. In operation by the Swedish Navy.
Saab_CIFF_Full HD_Final.mp4
Keep the sea open and safe. CIFF August 2020.
Blekinge-class A26 submarine.mp4
Blekinge-class A26 submarine. 2 minute film. Eng voice-over. Updated 200708.
Saab underwater technology virtual booth
1st Trailer. Saab Underwater Technology booth campaign. May 2020. (no sound, ENG text)
Kockums A26
Kockums A26 is the world’s most modern submarine program for the Swedish Navy. The Kockums A26 is a unique submarine with proven modular design, silent long-endurance submerged performance and excellent manoeuvrability in all waters.
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