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Sirius Compact
Sirius Compact passive sensor electronic warfare system.
Arexis - EW self protection family
Arexis - Saab's new electronic warfare self-protection family
This is the story behind our RBS 70 NG
Our RBS 70 NG is not just a missile system. It is the expertise and dedication of a team with more than 50 years missile development and production experience. The creativity and ingenuity of the Saab people has created a world-leading air-defence system. The development studies started over 40 years ago, and by 1978 Generation 1 was in service. With an effective intercept range against incoming targets of 5 kilometres, and altitude coverage of more than 2,000 metres, it was a unique product. Its unjammable guidance with laser beam riding missile was one of the first military laser applications and ensured it could perform in cluttered environments. Our new accurate, reliable and flexible RBS 70 NG VSHORAD system with 24/7 all-target capability has been developed for any combat situation. Its modular design allows it to reuse all existing generations of RBS 70 missiles up to the new BOLIDE 4th generation all-target VSHORAD missile. With the BOLIDE missile the RBS 70 NG aims at the complete threat spectrum from fixed and rotary wing aircraft down to small targets such as cruise missiles and UAVs, out to a range of 9 kilometres and with altitude coverage in excess of 5,000 metres. In this video we let our people talk about this groundbreaking air defence missile system.