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Creating time to act_Português
product video with Portuguese subs burned to the film
Saab Brasil - São Bernardo do Campo (2022)
Institutional video about Saab´s presence at São Bernardo do Campo in Brazil
Ground Combat_Legendado_Português
Ground Combat -product video with Portuguese subs burned to the film
Sirius Compact - product video with Portuguese subs burned to the film
CG product video - Legendado_Português
Carl-Gustav product video with Portuguese subs burned to the film
Gripen E production line inauguration - PORT
"best moments" of the inauguration event at Embraer plant, in Gaviao Peixoto, held on May 9, 2023. Published on Saab Brasil social media on May 10, 2023.
Saab at LAAD 2023
Short promo video of Saab at LAAD Defence and Security fair in Rio de Janeiro, April 11-14, 2023.
Gripen Mission Trainers in Brazil - with English subtitles
Video from the Anápolis Air Base in Brazil where the two new MT´s were installed end of 2022. Interview with TC Gustavo, in Portuguese. English subtitles burned to the video.
True Collaboration 4 - Episode 8: The Industrial Fostering and Coordination Institute [ENG]
published 10/3/2022 #TrueCollaboration: Created in 1967,The Industrial Fostering and Coordination Institute (IFI) has the mission to guarantee the performance and safety of the Brazilian Air Force’s products and systems. In the 8th episode of the 4th season of the web series, you will understand the role of the Institute in the certification process of the Gripen Programme in Brazil. #Aviation #IFI #BrazilianGripen #FAB
FAB 80 years - english
20.01.2021 the Brazilian Air Force celebrated its 80th anniversary. Saab is proud to be part of this story. A celebratory clip made by the Brazilian Gripen team in Brazil. (ENG version - published on 20.1.21)
FAB 80 anos - portugues
20.01.2021 the Brazilian Air Force celebrated its 80th anniversary. Saab is proud to be part of this story. (PT version - published on 20.1.21)
Colaboração Real 3 - Episódio 9: Soluções inteligentes de manutenção do Gripen [PORT]
O Gripen foi projetado para ter uma manutenção eficiente e rápida, garantindo que a aeronave tenha mais tempo disponível para operações da Força Aérea Brasileira.
True Collaboration 3 - Episode 9: Gripen's Smart Maintenance Solutions [ENG]
Gripen was designed for efficient and quick maintenance. In this video, you can learn more how these intelligent solutions and other smart equipment ensure that Gripen´s availability is maximized at all times.
Colaboração Real 1 - Episódio 3: Treinamentos na Suécia (PORT)
Uma série de treinamentos teóricos e práticos faz parte da transferência de tecnologia do programa Gripen. O que os brasileiros estão achando de tudo isso? Saiba, agora, no terceiro episódio da websérie Colaboração Real. Eles deixaram o Brasil para desenvolver o Gripen NG na Suécia. Mais que um grande desafio, encontraram novos lares, clima, hábitos e tradições. Acompanhe essa empolgante jornada e saiba quais foram as primeiras impressões desses pioneiros no país escandinavo.
True Collaboration 1 - Episode 2: Arriving in Sweden
The acquisition of 36 Gripen to equip the Brazilian Air Force includes extensive technology transfer to Brazil. Over 350 Brazilian specialists will be trained in Sweden for periods of up to 2 years before returning to Brazil to use their new knowledge and skills. This series tells the story of five of these pioneers. The hearts and minds behind the Brazilian Gripen. Second episode: Arriving in Sweden The families are adapting to a new life in Sweden. Find out about their arrival at Saab and their impressions about Swedish culture, habits and traditions.
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