Czech Air-to-Air practice with Gripen

Major Jaroslav Tomaňa and Captain Petr Dřevecký of 21 tactical air base in Čáslav, the Czech Republic became the first pilots in the history of the Czech Air Force to perform air-to-air refuelling. After initial training at the Swedish Air Force base F17 in Ronneby, Sweden, the refuelling took place over central Sweden from a Swedish C-130 Hercules tanker.

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Säkerhetskedjan - Det viktigaste för motståndskraft i en verksamhet
Saab och Combitech arrangerar ett livesänt seminarium under Digitalidags temadag. Syftet är att lyfta cybersäkerhet och diskutera hur verksamheter kan bygga motståndskraft.
June 30, 2022, the Keel Laying Ceremony for HMS Blekinge takes place at Saab’s shipyard in Karlskrona. Format 1920x1080
Saab Pilot Boat AP17
The new and improved pilot boat AP17 built at Docksta shipyard – a high-end platform with IMO-TIER III installation, self-rightening and designed for navigation in Ice-condition.
Sirius Compact
Sirius Compact passive sensor electronic warfare system.
Mid-Life Upgrade HMS Gävle 2022
The Gävle-class Corvette HMS Gävle with enhanced capabilities after an extensive Mid-Life Upgrade. In operation by the Swedish Navy.
True Collaboration 4 - Episode 8: The Industrial Fostering and Coordination Institute [ENG]
published 10/3/2022 #TrueCollaboration: Created in 1967,The Industrial Fostering and Coordination Institute (IFI) has the mission to guarantee the performance and safety of the Brazilian Air Force’s products and systems. In the 8th episode of the 4th season of the web series, you will understand the role of the Institute in the certification process of the Gripen Programme in Brazil. #Aviation #IFI #BrazilianGripen #FAB