MCS and ULCAS on Oshkosh vehicle

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Saab acquires BlueBear
Saab has today acquired BlueBear Systems Group Ltd based in the United Kingdom. The acquisition of all shares in BlueBear is part of Saab’s continued international growth journey across key markets, which include the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States and Germany. BlueBear is a world-leading provider of AI-enabled autonomous swarm systems for complex defence and security applications.
Interview with Jenny Ström, commanding officer 3rd Naval Warefare Flotilla, after receiving Visby-class corvettes after KVIST-upgrade.
ATM - Sesar - MAC
Multiple Airport Control (MAC) - Digital Tower r-TWR. Part 1
Creating time to act_Português
product video with Portuguese subs burned to the film
Saab Brasil - São Bernardo do Campo (2022)
Institutional video about Saab´s presence at São Bernardo do Campo in Brazil
Ground Combat_Legendado_Português
Ground Combat -product video with Portuguese subs burned to the film
Sirius Compact - product video with Portuguese subs burned to the film
CG product video - Legendado_Português
Carl-Gustav product video with Portuguese subs burned to the film
Gripen E production line inauguration - PORT
"best moments" of the inauguration event at Embraer plant, in Gaviao Peixoto, held on May 9, 2023. Published on Saab Brasil social media on May 10, 2023.
r-TWR Talks. Episode 1
Saab presents five key lessons learnt from r-TWR installations around the world.
r-TWR Talks. Episode 2
The journey to Saab r-TWR 2.0. Discover the industry, scale and sustainability developments that led to Air Traffic Service 24/7 being realized.
r-TWR Talks. Episode 3
Take a look at Saab’s evolving edge of technology concept and our plans for r-TWR 3.0.
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